Stability in Quality

Low Rate in the Defective Products

Our machines are equipped with AC servo motors, letting the machines to have the stabilized locating and speeding with a small variation in mechanical operation, so that they are stably able to mold high quality products.

Stabilized Quality on Cutting the Mouth

The AC servo motor driven cutter cuts parison as the machine lifts up the head part; therefore, parison can keep maintaining good form even after cutting: this provides high accurate quality on the mouth part (the opening of plastic bottles).

Low Variation in Products Weight / Wall Thickness

Our machines are equipped with the fixed molding cycle system. It keeps same parison lengths per shot so that products weight and their wall thickness are also stabilized among them.

Improvement in Working Environment

Clean & Quiet

The machines are able to mold products with clean & low noise environment without having no peculiar oil stains caused by hydraulic system.

Improvement in Productivity & Usability

Time Savings on Setting Molding Condition / Start-Up the Machine

The molding condition can be set or changed without stopping the machine operation. The molding conditions per products are also easily saved or read saved data; therefore, it significantly shortens the workload required for setting change.

Time Savings on Molding Cycle

Our machines are driven by AC servo motors. Even, they are running in production during the maximum motion speed, there is no mechanical shock in motions, thus, comparing to the hydraulic machines, the motion time of our machines are significantly shortened.

Improvement in Economic Performance

Requiring Little or No Maintenance

Our machines do not need regular maintenance that the hydraulic machines require such as refeeding oil, replacing packings or oil sealings, so that it allows drastic reduction in the maintenance costs.

Cut Down the Power Consumption Expenses

The hydraulic machines keep driving hydraulic pumps without standstill. Our machines driven by AC servo motors only consume electric power while they are at drive. Comparing to the hydraulic machines, our machines are able to reduce 40-60% in power consumption, so you will see a huge change in the electricity charges.