Keeping your privacy secure is important to Tahara Machinery Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Tahara). In order to protect information of individuals (hereinafter referred to personal information) stated in the privacy laws: names, birthdates, other information that identify specific individuals, information that can be cross-checked with other information and identified as specific individuals (hereinafter referred to you), we take the following measures.
  • Tahara collects and uses personal information properly based on prescribed rules.
  • Tahara uses personal information necessary for carrying out our services within specific purpose of use.
  • When Tahara collects your personal information, we will notify you the purpose of use except in case it is publicly announced beforehand. When you voluntarily provide us your personal information, we will clearly specify the purpose of use.
  • Tahara has set up a security management system for storing and maintaining your personal information as our database in order to safeguard against disclosures, losses, alterations, and unauthorized access to your personal information.
  • Tahara will never disclose your personal information to third parties.
  • Tahara provides training and education concerning its privacy policy to its executives and employees. For each department that handles personal information, we appoint a person to be in charge of personal information management.
  • When Tahara assigns the management of personal information mentioned in Article 4. to a third party, we will properly supervise the third party to execute the security management of personal information. When Tahara signs a business trust agreement regarding the management of personal information to a third party, we will carefully review the appropriateness and qualification of the third party. Also, regarding the details of the agreement, we will take the protection of personal information into extra consideration.
  • When you contact us for inquiries or revision of personal information, Tahara will promptly respond to you considering legitimacy of your requests. Tahara will continue to observe laws and regulations on protection of personal information and other relevant legal measures. We will review and update this Privacy Policy to improve and ensure the security of your personal information.