What bottle can we make with our Blow molding machine? Value-added product


Value-added product

There are many unique plastic packages on the market and some of them are made with extrusion blow molding machine. We offer more solutions to add irreplaceable value to your products.

In-mold labeled bottle

Usually labeling the bottle is post-process after taking out from the molding machine like, wrapping a shrink wrap or attaching a sticker using other machines. You can skip this process if you install In-mold label inserter with our extrusion blow molding machine.

In-mold label inserter is installed right next to the molding machine and supply labels with arms to inner sides of the mold while mold is open. After the mold closes, labels are adhered by blowing. Labels stick on the bottle rigidly and it can’t be removed easily. It is especially good for the bottle which is used in the place exposed to water. Moreover, it can be anti-counterfeit product if you put removable coupon on the label. That is because the bottle which was removed a coupon can’t be sold as an imitation by refilling low quality content. This system has produced great effect in Asia-Pacific countries.

We will offer In-mold label inserter according to the machine size.

Bellows boot

Bellows boot of the below picture is made by our fully electric injection blow molding machine (HPS). Mouth part is formed by the injection molding and the body part is formed by the blow molding. Because of this, it is possible to make a precise shape in mouth part and control the wall thickness in the body part.

It can be used for automotive parts which require accurate shape in the joint part. We have HPS machine for a test in our factory, so that we offer to help you make prototype.

Fluorine bottle

Fluorine bottle is hard to react with chemical, so it’s used as chemical resistant bottle. It can be produced with extrusion blow molding machine. There is another way to make a bottle fluorinated by making thin fluorine wall inside of the bottle. It requires post-process after taking out from an extrusion blow molding machine, but if you use fluorine resin and produce with an extrusion blow molding machine, you can reduce a process.

Fluorine bottle is used for liquids which have to avoid chemical reaction or elution like cleaning solution of semiconductor, undiluted solution and reagent.

Hot topic!

Exhibition of our machine at K2022 ended successfully. We would like to say thank you for visiting our booth.

You can see the spec of our new machine exhibited at K 2022 in the Plastics Technology Magazine. Please take a look from the link below.


In addition to the machine, we displayed 20L jerry can and 500ml bottles made of the resin sourced from maritime industry waste. Multilayer molding is suitable for recycled resin. By molding in 3layers, recycled resin can be put between virgin layers. It prevents from leaking recycled resin scent, spoiling the appearance and dissolving to the contents.

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