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Molded bottle sample

Precision Shape Parts

These are parts which have the precision shape tip. The Injection Blow Molding Machines, which are manufactured by TAHARA, make it possible to control the precision shape tip and wall thickness by using highly reliable measurements. These parts, which have an elastomer, can be utilized in industrial usage, medical usage, and so on.

Mayonnaise Bottle

6-layer mayonnaise bottle
(barrier layer / regrind layer / adhesive layers / virgin layers)
Barrier layer is used in the middle layer to prevent oxidation of the contents. In addition, the regrind layer is used to save material and cut down the bottle cost. Although the barrier resin and the adhesive resin are very expensive, Tahara’s multi-layer technology can save the resin cost by making these layers extremely thin while keeping desired barrier property.

View Stripe Bottle

Agrochemical bottle with view stripe
A view stripe is added on the side of the bottle to make the remaining contents of the container visible. Tahara’s view-stripe technology makes a clear, glass-like stripe window that is flush with the curvature of the bottle. This bottle provides a nice presentation for your product.

In-mold Labeling Bottle

Motor oil bottle with in-mold label and view stripe
A label is inserted into the molds integrating it with the design of the bottle. The label adheres to the surface of the bottle and stays on strong even when the label gets wet.
Tahara’s in-mold labeling machines are fully electric.

Small PET Bottle

PET bottle made with extrusion blow molding
The machine heads are specially designed to give you the best mold for very clear, high-quality PET bottles.