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Technology of TAHARA

Head Design and Fabrication

To mold high quality parisons, Tahara has developed resin flow simulation software for the multi-layer head. Based on the resins’ rheological properties, it designs and simulates optimal flow paths preventing deterioration caused by heat, while ensuring that parisons are uniformly extruded with proper pressure.
Tahara’s leading-edge technology and its advanced machining facility enable us to fabricate head components with high-precision. We set high standards on the surface roughness of the flow path walls and the concentricity of each mandrel in order to produce high quality parisons.

Flow Analysis

Tahara performs 3D simulation for analysis when considering the design of a head and the extruder screw that is responsible for resin flow. This simulation and analysis is used to:

Design resin flow paths on the kneading and mixing parts of extruder screws
Design head mandrels which distribute the flow volume evenly
Detect and solve the cause of sears by tracking the path line
Simulate and determine the cause of resin layer disorder in multi-layer heads

Cooling Analysis

With the goal of further increasing the machine’s productivity, Tahara has developed heat transfer and cooling simulation software to shorten cooling time. It evaluates all the cooling factors in the process of 1) extruding parisons, 2) blowing air into bottles, 3) cooling down bottles by running cooling water through the mold, 4) circulating air inside bottles, and 5) cooling down bottles with post-cooling devices after removing them from the mold.

Structural Analysis

Tahara performs 3D structural analyses to balance the strength and stiffness. In addition, the analysis is used to reduce the weight of the machine’s structure and its driving parts such as the clamping unit, clamping unit carriage and the calibrating unit. Tahara has developed clamping units with reduced weight in order to shorten molding cycle time while maintaining stiffness.

Molding Machine Control System

The Tahara electric blow molding machine control system is designed to achieve fast cycle times resulting in very high productivity. The control system also allows the machine operator save the custom molding specifications so that results are repeatable.
Since our first electric blow molding machine was developed in 1994, our servo control systems have been renewed several times in order to provide faster processing for each system while keeping its movement constant and accurate. As a result, the dry cycle time of our standard machine, the MSE-54, has been shortened by about one second in 20 years. Faster processing with our machine’s new control system helps reduce any instability in the machines moving functions. Further optimized temperature controls also help to keep a stable parison for every shot.
The design concept of Tahara’s operation panel is user friendly as we have adopted large, bright, touch screen displays with many easy-to-understand illustrations and graphics.