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We delivered more than 900 electric blow molding machines to domestic and overseas customers since we developed the first machine with a clamping force of 30kN in 1994.
From a large variety of machine settings, such as eight sizes of clamping force 30-300kN and 13 sizes of extruders 20-100mm diameter, we offer you the best machines to meet your needs based on a bottle’s shape, size, resin type, layer constitution and production number.


Multi-layer bottles have various purposes, such as adding a barrier property, making a glossy surface or saving material resources. With Tahara’s team of researchers, engineers and other in-house professionals Tahara’s multi-layer die-head is designed, fabricated and assembled at our Tokyo facility. With careful attention to every detail our team ensures our multi-layer parisons evenly distribute the same layer thickness to every bottle you produce with perfect precision.

Mass production

For mass production, we offer double station machines with up to 8 parisons. With a cycle time of 10 seconds, the production capacity for that machine will give 5,760 bottles per hour.

Small production

By improving operability of the machine and shortening the time for color change, the down time and the preparation time are minimized. Even for small lot productions, efficiency of our machines can greatly contribute to your profits.

Industrial parts

The machine’s highly accurate repeated motions are achieved by using servo drives for bottom blowing and parison expansion devices. This system allows for the operator to change molding specifications with ease. These precise movements are especially crucial for accuracy in producing products with complex shapes. The reliability of exact repeated movements of these machines assures you get the best, most accurate results every time.

Peripheral devices

We also have peripheral devices for sale.