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Why Tahara’s Machine?

High Quality, Stable Molding, and High Productivity

Our electric molding machines feature several of our patented developments for molding high-quality plastic bottles with consistent results. These developments include a Parting Line Maintaining Mechanism and a Calibrator Height Adjustment Mechanism. These technologies improve the machine’s ability to continue to operate without interruption, while changes are made to the settings according to the molding conditions. The research and development team at Tahara is committed to producing high-speed machines that can boost productivity while keeping our highest standard of reliability.

Improving Your Work Environment

Keeping your work environment clean is another particular strength of our machines when comparing our product with those made by other manufacturers. Electric servo motors are used to drive all of our blow molding machines. This not only keeps the factory clean, but allows for a smooth, quiet workflow during operation.

Environmentally Friendly

We have our natural environment in mind from the start. The greatest advantage of fully electric molding machines is the remarkable reduction of energy consumption. The electricity needed for molding one bottle is at least 40% less than conventional hydraulic machines. This drastic reduction is achieved by running motors only when they are needed, shortening the molding cycle and eliminating the chance of producing bottles that are defective. Furthermore, by using recycled materials for the regrind layer, multi-layer molding machines use a lot less resin per bottle produced. Energy conservation and the most efficient use of materials will protect both the environment and your profits.

Comparison of Hydraulic and Electric Machine  Product:500ml PE Bottle (40g)

ItemsUnit Hydraulic
(Single station)
Model: MSE-55E/54M
(Single station)
Model: MBD-70E/54M
(Double station)
Molding cycle timesec201718
Production volume per hourBPH360423800
Total power consumption
Power consumption per bottlekwh0.05140.02390.0204
Electricity fee %10046.639.65