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In order for you to optimize the performance of our blow molding machines, we provide training service for operators on site or at our factory. Our professionals will teach how to operate and maintain our machines. Contact our sales department for further information.


Tahara’s technical professionals will install, start up and adjust the blow molding machine in your plant making sure the machine works properly.

Parts Replacement

All of the components used on our blow molding machines and peripheral equipments are available for purchase upon request. In cases where customers are unable to replace the components, our technicians will be sent to your plant to quickly replace them.

Modification and Adding Devices

When there is a need to add devices or modify the Tahara machines in your factory, we can provide the best solution to fit your needs. Our talented engineers can modify the machine according to changing needs in your factory. For instance, you may want to change the single head on your machine to multiple head for bottles that require multi- layer molds.


Our technical service department will provide maintenance services to make sure our machines continue to perform at their best. Contact us if you have any questions regarding maintenance or operation of our machine.