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Message from the President

Our constant challenge is to create new standards.
Environment-friendly manufacturing is our goal.

The history of Tahara Machinery Ltd. has begun since our founder, Hideo Tahara, established an iron factory in 1951. We have started manufacturing Blow Mold Machines in 1961. Ever since, over 50 years, we have devoted ourselves to creative designs and manufacturing.

President  Tetsuya Tsuruta

As for being one of the specialized manufacturers of Blow Mold Machines, we are very grateful for the patronage from our customers both in and out of Japan. We believe that creating new technology and providing customer-oriented design will lead us to the next level. We should continuously meet the needs of customers, which are getting more sophisticated and diversified. Valuing this belief will keep producing the best products.

To satisfy these needs, there is no compromise in our innovation; we will keep seeking better technology and it will never end. We will improve more than yesterday, and tomorrow will be even better. We promise you to improve our products continually, and to be your irreplaceable business partner.


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